List of Major Publications (those published after 1997 only) 

Motoko Shuto  

  (as of August 6, 2012)                                                                                        



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between Asia and Europe during the Twentieth Century: University of Tsukuba, September 12,


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Motoko Shuto, gChinese Aid to Indonesia: the Suramadu Bridge Project and the School Reconstruction Grant Aid in Acehh, the 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong, , Hong Kong Shue Yang University. Hong Kong, March 2, 2012.

Motoko Shuto, gEstablishment of Asian Cultural Archives for the Enhancement of Cultural Exchange in East Asia: the Case of Japanh, Network of East Asian Thank Tanks (NEAT) Working Group on Enhancement of Cultural Exchange in East Asiah, Seoul Garden Hotel, Korea,  July 7, 2012,

Academic Associations

  The Japan Association of International Relations

  Japanese Society of International Law 

  Japan Association for Asian Studies

  Japan Association for Comparative Politics

  Peace Studies Association of Japan

  Japan Academy of Koeki Studies

  Association for Asian Studies (USA)


International Research Project (in the past five years) 

2006 April -2009 March: Director and Coordinator of the Grant for Scientific Research (KAKEN) by the Government of Japan (Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences: JSPS) , gComparative Analysis of Transnational Labour Migration and Immigration Policy in East Asiah ) , Motoko Shuto ed., gTransnational Labor Migration and Regional Order in East Asiah (2000, June)

2008 April -2011 March: Director and Coordinator of the Grant for Scientific Research (KAKEN) by Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences: JSPS) , gComparative Analysis of Chinese Aid from the Recipients Perspectivesh  

2012 July-2013 July, Co-Chair of Study Group on ASEAN Social and Cultural Community, ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership program, funded by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF).


                             Motoko Shuto