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Fall 2013


Note: Please keep in mind that some of homework include reading assignment of academic papers and books.

1. Lecture 1

2. Lecture 2


3. Lecture Note on specific factor model

4. Lecture Note on Balassa-Samuelson effect (updated again at December 3nd after the class . Please download the most recent version)

5. Lecture Note on Heckscher Ohlin model

6. Lecture Note on Empirical Studies on Hechscher Ohlin model

7. Lecture Note on Terms of Trade

Problem Set

1. PS#1

Reading for PS#1.

Exchange rate data of 2011

2. PS#2


4. Reading Assignment Homework


Final Take Home Exam

1. Final exam question

2. Paper by David card(you need to read this paper to answer some of the questions in the exam)

Suggested Answers

Suggested answer PS#3




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